Save money on your energy costs.


Enroll in SmartPay Budget

Everyone is looking for ways to make winter heating bills more manageable. That’s why we’ve created a “smart” plan to help our customers overcome high heating bills. SmartPay is our convenient monthly payment program that allows you to drastically reduce your winter heating bills. When you sign up for SmartPay, we divide your fuel costs evenly over as many as 11 months, depending on your starting date. You'll pay the same level amount every month, so there are no big bills right in the middle of winter.


SmartPay customers receive a 1.5% rebate, calculated annually, any time they have a credit balance.

WHAT SmartPay does for you:

Added security for just a few dollars a month. We can roll your service plan payments into SmartPay.

HOW SmartPay works for you:

To determine your SmartPay payments, we take your average usage, estimate your costs for the coming year and spread them out for up to 11 months (depending on your start date). If your actual bills are higher or lower than estimated, we will adjust the payment amount as needed.