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Don't Leave Me Alone!

Automatic delivery is just one way to help keep your dwelling warm but there are no guarantees. Sporadic deliveries interfere with delivery forecasting methods which is why you need someone to take care of your home when you are away. Whether you go away for the winter or travel for your job, an unoccupied home needs special attention during the winter.
What you can do:

  1. Installing a wireless thermostat may allow you to see a drop in the set temperature which can indicate an issue with the heating system or baseboard.
  2. Have someone check on your home daily. A walk through could detect if a zone is not working properly. Turn faucets on and off to confirm water is flowing through the pipes. Check the fuel level and schedule a delivery if necessary.
  3. Keep the driveway and entrances to your home free of snow and ice for safe and easy access.
  4. Let us know who will be taking care of your home and include phone numbers/email addresses should we need to contact someone about deliveries or service.

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