The Clean-Burning, Cost-Effective Alternative

We are a proud distributor of Bioheat®, a clean-burning, cost-effective alternative to traditional heating oil.

Bioheat® is traditional home heating oil blended with Biodiesel, making it the cleaner and renewable home heating oil for now and the future.

Bioheat® Advantages

It’s a "greener" alternative that is good for the environment.

It is American made. The Biodiesel used is a renewable energy resource made domestically from fatty acids found in soy and other natural sources.

It has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel, providing the same level of comfort as traditional fuel sources.

And it works with your current oil burners and furnaces.


Kerosene is for an outside tank that is exposed/affected by weather conditions. This oil will not freeze or gel in cold weather until it reaches on average 37-40 degrees below zero. This is why we choose to use kerosene vs. a blended oil. Blended oil can gel in extreme cold weather, causing your system to stop working.