Keeping Seasonal, Rentals or Unoccupied Dwellings Safe

Many of our customers rent out properties or travel on a seasonal basis. These tend to have sporadic delivery histories making forecasting impossible; which is why we request the following:

  1. Have a local point of contact who will assure:
    1. The driveway and the pathway to the tank or fill pipe are clear in the winter,
    2. The home heating system is running properly
    3. Monitor level of fuel in tank.
  2. Homes are best equipped with a programmable wireless thermostat. These thermostats will notify you or the local point of contact if there is a dangerous drop in temperature in the home.
  3. Customers should provide D.F. Richard Energy with a forwarding address, current mailing address, e-mail address and best telephone numbers.
  4. Keep power venters clear of any obstructions, including snow. Drifting snow may require you to check several times a day.

It is the responsibility of the owner or renter to insure that the propery’s heating system is being monitored to avoid any potential damage due to a loss of heat. Safe access to the fill pipe, tank and the heating system is required for us to make a delivery or provide service. We have 24 hour emergency service for our customers should a problem arise.