Over time, the energy needs of our customers and our community have changed. The way we’ve done business, however, has remained much the same.

Since 1932, D.F. Richard Energy has been there for our customers. We’ve offered a fair price for our products and uncompromising commitment to service. Our reward has been loyal, satisfied customers.

Today we strive to do even more. The energy demands are greater and more diverse, and increased competition dictates a new resolve from each of us.

We take nothing for granted, and must prove ourselves every day, at every level in the organization. Customers need to hear from us, see us, and know we are here for them. We can all profit from this relationship.

Smiles and courteous, helpful service are timeless elements of our success, and they have never been more important.

As we prepare for the energy demands of the 21st century, we have to work together, a little harder, and with renewed enthusiasm.

We are committing ourselves to continuing to be there, offering the best service 24 hours a day, and all the energy our customers will ever need.

Whenever you need us, we are on our way.