We Deliver, On Your Terms

To make life easier, we will set up automatic deliveries.

We forecast when you’ll need your next fuel delivery based on a degree day system, your average usage each season, as well as weather conditions.

It is the responsibility of the owner or renter to ensure that a property’s heating system is being monitored to avoid any potential damage due to a loss of heat. It is also up to the owner or renter to provide safe access to the fill pipe/tank and the heating system. We provide 24 hour emergency service to our customers should a problem arise.

Any changes to your household can directly affect your automatic delivery schedule such as, expanded living space, additional household members, installation or use of supplemental heat such as a pellet stove or burning wood to name a few. These can/will cause inconsistencies in your delivery history which is one of the important factors in automatic delivery calculations. Please keep us updated with any changes. See Keeping Seasonal, Rentals or Unoccupied Dwellings Safe for more helpful information.

What are degree days?

Heating engineers who wanted a way to relate each day’s temperatures to the demand for fuel to heat buildings developed the concept of heating degree days.

To calculate the heating degree days for a particular day, find the day’s average temperature by adding the day’s high and low temperatures and dividing by two. If the number is above 65, there are no heating degree days that day.

Will Call Status

Will Call Status is an option if the tank is customer owned. Will Call Status means you will call when you need a delivery. Allow a minimum of 2-3 days so we can incorporate the delivery into our regular route schedule.